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Day: July 13, 2022

Summer research with Ai powered generative networks.

Over the summer, I’ve been playing around with platforms that use AI to generate images from text prompts. First, I started with WomboAi, then graduated to Disco Diffusion, and finally got an invite to Midjourney.

Each platform has a different process, but no coding skills are needed. You’ll need to know some basic digital image-making rules and practice using prompts to get the best results. This prompt vocabulary isn’t based on normal sentences, it’s effects and keywords.

I am in the process of writing a short story (Border Astronaut) that was also developed with the aid of Ai applications that utilize GPT-3 processing, such as Copy.Ai. After completing the story, specific words from the narrative were selected to create the prompts for the illustrations. I am looking forward to exploring the creative and relational possibilities that this technology offers to imagine other worlds. At least in 2D, for the time being.

Border Astronaut Spacesuit made with Midjourney
City scene, made with Disco Diffusion and Photoshop
Tijuana made with DD and photoshop.